Snapchat Story

I love Snapchat. I really do. I saw that one of the Weekly Play options was a video using Snapchat as opposed to Vine. I have created Snapchat stories before, but hadn't thought about creating one for a unified purpose. The one I created this week doesn't have much of a meaningful purpose behind it. … Continue reading Snapchat Story


Youth Creativity

When reading the articles "Black Teens are Breaking the Internet and Seeing None of the Profits" and "Poor Meme, Rich Meme", I found myself thinking about my students and their own internet usage. As mentioned in the articles, black culture is widely expressed online and creativity is abundant and visible. However, the media they create … Continue reading Youth Creativity

Making a Gif

This week I wanted to try a play that I've done before but honestly couldn't remember how to do correctly. After reading about the HPA , I thought about the lessons I've been teaching surrounding Harry Potter. I've been trying to figure out how to teach Harry Potter well, so I've been structuring it similarly … Continue reading Making a Gif

Information Online

When reading Networked this week, I was thinking about many of the points they brought up. Some of which I agree with, others that left me wondering. The first point that the chapter mentioned was the idea of linking within digital text as opposed to the limited text features available in print media. I thought about … Continue reading Information Online

Image Layering

One of the "makes" that I found in the make bank was a practice in layering images and seeing the differences created by the layers. I chose to commemorate this snow day by layering four different filters on top of an image of the view outside a window. The original picture is below. I wanted … Continue reading Image Layering