Twitter Official – Next Steps

It’s official now, I’m good to go with Twitter! After having a conversation with two district leaders and my administrator, it looks like I’m ready to move forward with Twitter! The district provided similar feedback that they had with blogging. It’s all about student safety as well as purpose of use. I haven’t shared any pictures of students, student names, or specific location information. Because of this, the anonymity of the students is secured.

The next piece to look at is purposeful use and how Twitter will further student education. I like to think back to the SAMR model when reflecting on my use of technology.


Graphic from CommonSense Media

This model has redefined the way I think about technology use in the classroom. We are not investing in $300 pencils! We need to make sure technology use is purposeful and is achieving a goal that could otherwise not be met without the additional technological tool.

My next step from here is to keep my purpose in mind as I see how my students want to utilize Twitter. We’ve had some great conversations online with other classrooms and with education experts. The students are enjoying the real-world interactions. We’ve also had a couple of parents from the class follow the page. Now I’d like to reach out officially to the other parents and invite them to follow and interact with our classroom online. I also want to speak with the class about how they want our Twitter journey to progress. I’m not the one making all the decisions here! What do they want out of this? 

I absolutely need to keep this question in mind as I move forward now.


4 thoughts on “Twitter Official – Next Steps

  1. janevangalen says:

    Congratulations! I’m so impressed by your informed experimentation and leadership. And so impressed by how you’re listening so closely to your kids as you move forward. I’d love to hear more about how the conversations went.


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