Moving Forward

This week was actually a very exciting one for Everett Public Schools. We were able to pass our bond and levy by a fairly wide margin. Now, we have funds to help us purchase laptops at a 1:1 ratio for all students. I referenced this endeavor in my earlier blog post, Going 1:1. I mentioned … Continue reading Moving Forward


Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: Week 3

In closing this book, Jill Walker Rettberg brought up an excellent point about data tracking and surveillance that I hadn't considered before. The earlier stages of this book were about ways that we track and represent ourselves. However, as our society has become more and more digital, we are being tracked by others as well. Key … Continue reading Seeing Ourselves Through Technology: Week 3

Going 1:1

This quarter I'm taking two classes simultaneously which is a new experience for me. I'm surprised by how much the courses overlap with the content and I find myself occasionally referencing material mentioned in the wrong class. The overlap that seems most significant to my professional life right now is the idea of bringing laptops … Continue reading Going 1:1

Test Post

This is my first time posting or even considering posting on a blog. Though all new to me and a little overwhelming, I'm ready to begin learning. The summary of this post being: