Mediated Writing


Completing this mediated writing piece was a very unique experience that I feel I learned a lot from. As a writer, I found that my writing wasn’t at all created to be merged with images. When it came time to find images that would work, I was really surprised at how difficult it was! I made sure to use Pixabay for usage rights reasons, but I still couldn’t find exactly what I wanted. Finding a metaphorical representation of a concept was harder than I thought it would be! I spent the most time during this project finding the perfect images.

This is what I feel is most powerful for the audience. The image makes this digital storytelling platform what it is. The images and flow of the story take the writing from one-dimensional to something more emotional. Images convey meaning in themselves. The trick was to find images that would convey the correct meaning and add to the story as opposed to being distracting.

As I went through this experience, the writing changed for me. I had to edit it and take it from an essay to a narrative. Though always intended to be descriptive, I almost didn’t need the description as much. I now had the ability to add description visually. The writing needed to be shorter and more compact in order to fit into this platform. Overall, it was a very different experience! I’m really happy that I got to take a piece of writing and transform it in this way. I feel that if I had originally done the writing with this intention in mind, the transformation wouldn’t have been so noticeable. However, going from written expression to visual expression of meaning is where the new learning took place.

In case of potential technical issues, here is a link to the mediated writing on Adobe Spark.


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