Text to Music

This was the weirdest play I have done yet. The results were absolutely not what I expected. I found the idea in the collaborative “make bank” titled “Turn Text into Music“.

This page takes you to a music generator where you can input text and generate sheet music. You are given personal choice in the beats per minute and instrument (or sound effect) used to play the song.

My initial thought was that I could show this to my students, have them choose one of their blog posts, and have them create a song using the words they wrote. I decided to test the generator with the initial class blog post I created for the 5th grade families to read. The text is below:

Hello fifth graders and fifth grade families!

I’m so excited to get started on our new adventure into blogging! The fifth graders and I have had many great discussions about what it means to be a safe and responsible digital citizen. The students impressed me by being so aware of how to be safe and respectful online. I loved hearing the thoughts they had around building a digital footprint in today’s technology-based age!

Check out the students’ blogs as they reflect on their own learning along with how they can be good digital citizens moving forward. Through our blogging adventure, we’ll focus on media literacy, digital citizenship, and digital learning.

I copied this text into the generator and went with the default setting of 150 beats per minute on an grand piano, creating the sheet music below.


Turns out, it was over 5 minutes long and incredibly boring. I switched to five or six different instruments and upped the bpm to 400. The pace was faster, but the music was just terrible. Half the instruments couldn’t play the notes without high-pitched screeching and the music itself was very boring.

To build on the terrible experience that was this make, there is no way to upload music to a WordPress blog post for free! There is also no way to upload audio to YouTube without it being a full video (including an image). In an effort to turn this into a video, I realized that the music generator’s downloads aren’t compatible with movie making software.

Overall, I qualify this entire project as a fail. Since I can’t share the music with you, if you really want to see what it’s like, continue to this link and copy/paste the text from my class blog post above. Play with it. It’s all terrible. Good luck.


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