Making a Gif

This week I wanted to try a play that I’ve done before but honestly couldn’t remember how to do correctly. After reading about the HPA , I thought about the lessons I’ve been teaching surrounding Harry Potter. I’ve been trying to figure out how to teach Harry Potter well, so I’ve been structuring it similarly to teaching The City of Ember in the fall. I chose to make two gifs, one from the City of Ember, and one from the first Harry Potter.

I first used and found that I couldn’t embed the gifs I made. So I switched to and found two different types of embed codes. The gifs are embedded below. At least, they should be.





Here’s where my frustrations lie with the gif websites. My screen shows right now that the gifs are visible and playing. However, when I preview this post, the gifs are gone! Here’s a screenshot of what the post looks like before being published:


The gifs are visible and playing on my screen! I know one way to work around the failure of an embed code is to upload the video to YouTube, and then embed that link. However, I’m running into an obstacle here. These gifs are from trailers for films. If I upload them to YouTube, they’ll be quickly removed due to copyright infringement.

So to make sure the gifs are visible somewhere, I tweeted out links to the two gifs (assuming they don’t work here). Let’s call this the second quality fail in two weeks. If there are suggestions out there for how to fix the problem, I am ready to hear them!



4 thoughts on “Making a Gif

  1. jilir20 says:

    I found and used Giphy too! I wanted to try something different weekly play for this week other than memes. I tried making gif with Imgflip at first and it didn’t generate the gif I made at the end. So I had to do this from a different website and found Giphy, which I was able to create my gif in a minuet.


  2. jaycanaday says:

    Nice gifs! So they didn’t embed properly. When I went to the Harry Potter gif, the embed code I pulled was:

    // GIPHY

    Is this the code you used?

    When you go into your WordPress post, change the mode to HTML instead of Visual and then enter the code. Then when you switch it back, the gif should appear. Let me know if those things aren’t working and we can see if there is another way to make it work!


    • vronvz says:

      I did those things! I tried both embed codes they provided (there was a second embed code in the advanced embed options). I entered them as text first and as HTML later and neither worked when the post was previewed… This year WordPress is working very hard to frustrate me!


  3. jaycanaday says:

    Aaand as I post that comment, the embed code turns into a link like it did with yours! It looks like WordPress might just not support that type of code. You could always hyperlink us to the gifs for aesthetic purposes. You can even take a picture from the gif, put that in your blog and link us through the picture!


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