Creating a Meme

Small successes are what make experimenting with technology in the classroom worth it. Introducing students to blogging is always exciting for them, but you run into the issue of potentially losing the feeling of novelty and thus the enthusiasm. Here’s my small success for the week:


Creating memes seems so simple, but it comes with a lot of “internet knowledge”. When you go to create a meme, they present you with meme backgrounds that are popular and widely used online. This requires a lot of background knowledge that only comes from immersing yourself in a digital community. It’s prior knowledge that many of us don’t realize we have!

Summary of the experience: creating a meme through is extremely simple. You pick the image, type the words, then share or save the image. Very easy to create and shows why memes are so widely used. However, if you don’t come at the process with the background knowledge to utilize the memes in culturally appropriate ways, your meme is going to miss the mark.


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