A Whole New Quarter

Here we are, another quarter and a technology class with Jane. Sounds like the story of my time at UW Bothell so far!

I’m working toward a Master’s in STEM Education with a certificate in digital teaching. I’m currently a fifth grade teacher in Everett and trying my hardest to utilize the skills Jane teaches within my own classroom. Right now, I’m focused on digital citizenship, media literacy, and blogging. The fifth graders love it, and I get to learn on the job.

As for my life outside of work and school (what little life that leaves) I have three cats, a husband that works in wine and cheese, and am actively involved in a fantasy football league. Unfortunately, football season is wrapping up and I’m going to have to find a different hobby to fill the void. Worst of all, I ended up in fourth. But I digress…

For now, half time has ended and I’m going to go back to cheering for the Seahawks. Good luck this quarter everyone, and don’t worry! It’s not as overwhelming as it seems right now! we-got-this


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