The World of Gifs and Memes

For my make this week I chose to create a gif and a meme. Mostly because I frequently use gifs and memes when communicating and they’ve become so instrumental to online communication. I had never created a gif or a meme and I wanted to see how easy it might be to do so.

I decided to focus on the controversy behind LEGO Friends. My fifth graders were able to notice how blatantly stereotypical the LEGO Friends ads were even with LEGO saying that they were trying to reach out to the way girls “naturally play”.

I used the website to create my gifs. I wanted to capture small moments from Lego Friends advertisements that showcased the absurd gender stereotypes within them. lego_friends_gender_stereotypesLH-djh.gifgrand_hotel_lego_friends_tvc

I then wangender-stereotypested to use a common meme to sum up my feelings about LEGO’s attempt at gender inclusiveness. I used to create a common and easy-to-create meme.


Overall, I learned that creating gifs and memes is an incredibly easy process! It’s no wonder they are so widely used! Every time I attempt to create a new form of media, I continue to be surprised at how simple it is and how many tools are available to help mainstream the process.


2 thoughts on “The World of Gifs and Memes

  1. norma says:

    Great work – I loved your meme it made me laugh out loud, literally. I was taken back this week when I started to reflect on all the gender roles/stereotypes that have been in a sense feed to us through the media at such a young age.


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