First Shot at Stop Motion

Today I created my first ever stop motion video. Honestly, I was very intimidated going in. I know that stop motion requires a lot of precision and patience and it seemed like something that would be too precise for my perfectionist tendencies.

I chose to use PicPac’s Stop Motion app to create the video. This app has a feature that takes pictures on a regular interval that you can adjust to your needs. I adjusted mine to 6 seconds and set my phone on a tripod to maintain stability. This app made the stop motion process much easier than I expected. The video that I created ended up being the “practice run” of the app. I realized while using it that there’s also a shadow feature within the app that shows where the figures were in the last shot. This feature along with the tripod and the automatic capture feature ended up completely streamlining the process and allowing me to use what I thought was a practice run as my actual final cut.

On top of that, the app allows you to preview the video and adjust the speed of each picture. You can also duplicate images to make certain scenes last longer. After completing this, the app allows you to record audio and add music directly within the app. The entire process was pared down to one simple application that was free and very easy to use.

Looking at my video, I think it’s pretty obvious that I’m not a professional. The auto-focus feature on the app ended up leaving a few shots blurry and the beginning goes in and out of focus a few times. However, I feel like this was a very successful first attempt. I’m excited to attempt something more complex and a little longer the next time I venture into stop motion video production.


2 thoughts on “First Shot at Stop Motion

  1. professorjvg says:

    What fun. The “Tech” part is not what makes these projects compelling — it’s the planning and execution and then editing.

    This is so close to how animation is done — and I’m not sure that kids know that, so there are all sorts of media literacies to be learned here.

    Looking forward to your next project 🙂


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