Everyday Video Challenge

For this challenge I chose to attempt an Interview Mashup. The goal of this activity was to use a mobile video editing app and utilize a series of interviews to tell a story. The story I chose to tell was really simple as I was more concerned about trying to master the software that was completely new to me.

I ended up downloading VideoShop. Everyday Video had a list of resources for Android and Apple users. However, there was only one listed resource for Android users. I’m realizing that there are truly limited resources for those of us that use Android devices. I ended up having to rely on reviews and information I found online which lead me to VideoShop.

This app ended up being much more user-friendly than I had expected it to be. I filmed each interview in one full segment and ended up having to trim the segments down to include only the answers I needed. The story wove together fairly well and the whole process ended up being much easier than I expected. The only clunky piece was figuring out the best way to export it from a mobile device onto social media without dealing with compression issues. I worked around this by downloading the video onto the cloud service, Google Drive, before uploading to YouTube.

Here’s my incredible, and very professional I’m sure, interview mashup about Princess and the Frog.


One thought on “Everyday Video Challenge

  1. professorjvg says:

    Kudos to your friends for playing along :).

    Your “model” from your fake photo played with this app last summer. I haven’t been able to experiment with it bug she really liked it:

    Good work around on the upload.

    So many kids make videos just pointing a camera (from too far away to get decent sound) and letting the camera run. Something like this works much better – and, I think, helps us to look more fully at video that we watch.


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