Blogging: Teaming with the School District

Today marked a milestone for my blogging adventure. I was contacted a week ago by the school district to do a show-and-tell with the district’s internet technology specialist. When I began blogging, I sent an extensive email to the parents in my classroom as well as my administrators. The email covered the reasons for blogging in a classroom, the benefits of public blogging, and the safety measures going in to blogging and protecting privacy.

My principal was unsure about the district’s policy on creating student-managed blogs. She forwarded my email to the district to double check that we were good to go. Apparently, I later learned, this sent the district into a bit of a frenzy. How could they ensure that my student blogs were responsible, safe, and approved?

Today I was able to meet with the district’s internet technology specialist. She asked me how I set up the blogs, how I moderate them, and how I ensure that students are being responsible digital citizens. I showed her the settings I used and the way I went about teaching my students how to be good digital citizens. If you’re curious about how to set up students on Edublogs, refer to this 11-step tutorial that walked me through every question I had.

By the end of this meeting, I was given approval by the district to continue with the blogging. It turns out, they’re now going to develop a set of protocol surrounding blogging in the classroom so other teachers may embark on this endeavor as well. My goal now is to utilize the last month of school to showcase the many ways that my students can use blogging to enhance their academics. I can then share the progress of my students with the district as they move forward with introducing blogging to other teachers.

I’m so excited to see that not only has blogging been officially approved for my students, but that the district is moving forward with blogging in other classrooms as well. It’s incredible to think that what I’ve learned in this class and through this inquiry project may actually end up making a difference to my district and the technology policies we have in place.


4 thoughts on “Blogging: Teaming with the School District

  1. kikadams says:

    That’s really exciting; its interesting to me that something that seems so straightforward and simple to us now is so revolutionary within our districts still. With so many people all over the country blogging its nice that district wide actions are actually being taken because of one teachers actions. Nicely done, advocating for quality education and technology. 🙂

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  2. Lina says:

    Your last paragraph really summed up my thoughts and you said it best. I felt so ceremonious for YOU…like it deserved a ribbon cutting in your classroom (sorry, this thought came into my mind because my friend just texted a photo of her ribbon cutting ceremony for opening and owning her 2nd clinical practice in the state). Seriously though, what an accomplishment on a bigger scale. Awesome work!

    Promise to reply to a few more of your kiddos blogs before the end of the quarter. Love to read up on what their learning, plans for summer, and/or hopes to learn for next school year.

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  3. janevangalen says:

    This is so great. This is a testament to how thoughtfully you’ve moved forward, how informed you’ve been, and how you’ve foregrounded your students’ learning in all of this. Thanks for sharing!


  4. kdpierce90 says:

    I love that in order for us to allow students to be more progressive and use more technology, there is hoop after hoop to jump through. Good work and persistence on this!


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