Moving Forward

This week was actually a very exciting one for Everett Public Schools. We were able to pass our bond and levy by a fairly wide margin. Now, we have funds to help us purchase laptops at a 1:1 ratio for all students.

I referenced this endeavor in my earlier blog post, Going 1:1. I mentioned that unless you provide adequate education for teachers, the laptops just become incredibly expensive pencils. I am so excited to announce that my school district has decided to undergo a series of technology-based professional development sessions for the teachers that will be receiving and utilizing the new technology in their classrooms. The district is planning to focus all of its professional development over the next few years solely on integration of technology. This is very exciting because it’s been shown that teaching teachers how to use technology effectively is the way to ensure that the tech is actually effective.

This all has inspired me to try to begin my own set of “professional development” opportunities within my school focused around technology. I realize that many teachers often have questions about technology, and I’m hoping to offer times that they can come and learn about tech in their classrooms. They can get their questions answered or learn about new tools in a “staff meeting” type of format. I approached my principal and the technology teacher at my school with this idea, and it looks like we’ll be moving forward with this in the next school year!

I am so happy to see that the district and school I work in are putting technology education first in order to really do what’s best for students. With this in mind, my next goal is to introduce my school to the SAMR model.


I think that this will be a simple and effective way to get teachers to start considering how they’re using technology and how they can make their integration even more effective. I’m very excited to move forward with the knowledge that education surrounding technology integration is being valued and pursued.


One thought on “Moving Forward

  1. janevangalen says:

    Such a great idea to be thinking about supporting learning in your school. I’ve seen so many ways that this can be done in busy schedules and with the range of levels of familiarity. I’d love to hear more about how this all goes — and to support you however I can! Maybe you could have a blog they can access :).


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